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Non Surgical Cellulite Reduction Special

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With dedication, the proprietor of The Phoenix Down Salon, Ruth Marshall has been in practice in the field of beauty for over 30 years and acquired her credentials at The United Academy of Beauty in Phoenix Arizona. Ruth Marshall is also licensed in California and known, as an ethical Cosmetician and Aesthetician with integrity.

At the age of 18, she moved to San Diego, California and further developed extensive training for the Glemby Now Academy, which existed within salons associated with Joseph Magnin’s clothing stores and in Fashion Valley Shopping Center. Within 2 years of mastering extensive training techniques from the first team of trainers trained by Vidal Sassoon and Glemby Now Academy, Ruth Marshall became the Chair Woman and Trainer, creating precision haircuts over Los Angeles, Costa Mesa, Riverside County and Sherman Oaks, for Glemby Now Academy’s cosmetologists. Thereafter, she opened a salon in Grossmont Shopping Center for 3 years and decided to relocate to 6311 University Ave. in San Diego.

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Currently, The Phoenix Down Salon’s existing location has expanded, presenting 'noninvasive' aesthetic spa treatments and procedurally trained by leading and state of the art technology called Aegis, which creates aesthetic medical devices. These treatment devices rejuvenate the face and body with contouring and sculpting methodology.

The procedure used is Cavitation and followed by Radio Frequency, which melts fat, tightens the skin and removes fine lines on the face, neck and body. These aesthetic treatments help defy the effects of time and require no anesthesia, no down time and last but not least, no side effects.

All treatment services are monitored and consulted by the proprietor of The Phoenix Down Salon, Ruth Marshall and the The Phoenix Down Salon’s registered nurses. Monitoring is prior to the actual appointment, in evaluation of determining safety and if a client is a good candidate for treatment. All services will be targeted to help you become a better you, here at The Phoenix Down Salon and Spa.


Face and Body Contouring

Noninvasive Cellulite Reduction/Cavitation and Radio Frequency

The highly sought after and Noninvasive technique of Cavitation and Radio Frequency combined, revolutionizes the treatment against cellulite and fat. It provides great options to avoiding surgical procedures, in rejuvenating a more youthful and refreshed appearance, from an affordable position.

The procedure is applied in a topical fashion, without entering the skin, non invasively. Cavitation procedure is another name for liposuction or cellulite reduction, however without side effects and by means of ultrasonic wave activity.

Ultrasonic Radio Frequency is used for dermal heating, resulting in nonablative skin tightening, lifting and removing wrinkles, following the procedure, while rejuvenating and tightening the area after cavitation. Ultrasonic Radio Frequency is also used for facial contouring, as rejuvenation of fine lines and wrinkles take place, within a small amount of time, with painless application and without side affects.

The image to the right shows face and body contouring on a 59 year old female over a 6 month span of time, having 2 treatments = (12) sessions, with follow up sessions periodically. 200 crunches before getting out of bed, 10 minutes on treadmill 3 times a week, 30 curls with 3 pound weights, no caffeine, sugar or carbs have maintained the results, as a daily lifestyle.

My Testimony

Hi, just letting everyone know that I had the noninvasive, ultrasonic cavitation, (lipo) treatment done on my abdomen, arms and legs. Also, I had ultrasonic radio frequency waves used to tighten, melt cellulite and smooth out small wrinkles that were starting to show on my forehead, underneath my eyes, around my chin and my neck.

I’m so happy to find that aging doesn’t have to be a bad thing anymore…..we can age gracefully over time, enjoy the treatment painlessly, as you get your confidence back, with no down time, no side effects and no surgery…...doesn’t get any better than that!!

My rejuvenation only took me 6 months to start living and maintaining the “lifestyle”that comes with aesthetic enhancement.

Sincerely, Ruth Marshall

End Result

Commonly Asked Questions

What is Cavitation and Radio Frequency?

Cavitation is considered noninvasive liposuction for unwanted cellulite. Radio Frequency is the application process of heat, by means of ultrasonic waves to tighten and rejuvenate the skin. Together, the procedure causes the unwanted cellulite to melt and exits the body through the lymphatic system, by means of frequent urination.

Who Is A Good Candidate For Cavitation And Ultrasonic Radio Frequency?

In general, the most important thing is that clients have realistic expectations of what they can achieve, according to their weight and health. Age by itself is not a significant factor, as clients who are in their 60’s and 70’s have been delighted with the outcome. Prospective clients should fill out a Medical Intake Form for evaluation of their health, prior to treatments desired.

What Areas Are Treated?

The most common areas treated would be the Midsection (abdominal, waist, lower back area). The second most common area is the upper outer thigh area, commonly referred to as “muffin top”, double chins, upper arms, hips, knees, legs and for men, their enlarged breast area.

Is This A Dangerous Procedure?

There have been no side effects from noninvasive lipo and ultrasonic treatments with radio frequency. Temporary redness and tenderness is common.

Will The Fat Regrow?

No new fat cells develop after puberty, however fat cells expand and contract in size with weight gain or weight loss. Results are maintained by having no carbs, no caffeine, increasing the diet with fruits and vegetables and exercising 3 times a week for at least 30 minutes.

Can The Procedure Be Repeated?

Yes, depending on desire, the treatment sessions can be repeated once a week, after the initial treatment proposed and with 48 hours in between.

When Will I notice Results?

Results are usually within the first 3 sessions and dramatic results within 2 treatments.


How to Keep Your Treatment Results

Keeping your results of Face and Body Contouring is not as complicated as it may seem. Accordingly, it is important to attain and maintain an appropriate weight, during and after treatment. There are different types of life styles in which you can adapt, to attain and maintain your personal treatment results, as being mindful of a carbfree, daily eating habit, will be the first step.

The second includes exercising at least 30 minutes, 3 times per week, to maintain the desired results of the treatment program. Exercise of any kind increases your oxygen intake and promotes circulation.The more air that infiltrates your body, the better your skin and body will look and feel.

In avoidance of surgical procedures, follow up sessions between 2 to 4 months or when desired, are a part of noninvasive rejuvenation for the face and body.

One option always available is consulting The Phoenix Down Salon’s assistant nutritionist. She will personally discuss the best nutritional food options for your lifestyle and physical ability, in maintaining your results.


Upon evaluation, a personalized proposal quote will be given to you, depending upon the time frame of your payments for the treatments, an interest free, monthly payment plan, without annual fees or prepayment penalties can be discussed, prior to your treatments. Simply make an appointment for a free consultation. You will be happy with the flexibility of monthly payments, tailored to accommodate your budget.

Thank You

With knowledge, experience and state of the art technology, it is our staff’s interest in both your safety, needs and desires in aesthetics, as we extend a warm thank you for your interest in our procedures. Not only do we believe in our procedures, we benefit from the procedures ourselves, as to why we extend tried and true procedures of aesthetic rejuvenation to our client base.

During your visit at The Phoenix Down Salon Spa, you will know that we appreciate you already and we dedicate ourselves in providing satisfying results of aesthetic rejuvenation for your face and body.

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